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On August 8, 2006 Trevor James succumbed to injuries that occurred in a tragic motorcycle accident.  Trevor took evasive action to avoid the accident but, unfortunately his body took the full impact.  He left behind a wonderful little boy, Dylan James.

Two years later after seeing a little yellow sign that stated “Look twice…save a life…motorcycles are everywhere” that was placed at the crash site by ABATE (American Bikers Advocating Training and Education), Janet James, Trevor’s mother realized that not only did she want to help secure the future of her grandson, she wanted to make everyone aware that automobiles share the road with motorcycles.

Thanks to the TLJ Foundation along with some very generous and caring people, there are billboards throughout the area that hits home to everyone that reads it.  It is a photo of Trevor James holding his son Dylan while looking at the oncoming traffic with a simple message; “PLEASE!!!  LOOK TWICE – You can save a life – Be Alert for Motorcycles.”  There is also a message from Dylan; I miss my daddy…