Hi Janet,

I hope everything went well yesterday. Trevor and I had a moment yesterday afternoon around 12pm. I was telling Bob that I felt bad we couldn't make the benefit that night and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law were in the car with us because we were driving up to New York for the wedding. I started telling them about Trevor and the accident and we had a nice conversation about Looking Twice to Save a Life. About 15 minutes later, I look out the window and starting screaming. There was Trevor's billboard on the NJ Turnpike high above about 8 lanes of traffic. I was pointing to it and screaming "It's Trevor, It's Trevor". No one could believe that we just saw the billboard after our conversation. I had no idea there was one on the NJ Turnpike all the way out there on such a busy part of the highway. Absolutely incredible that you were able to get such a great spot! It was beautiful!! I told Trevor that I knew he was with us that day and that I knew he would be with you that day to help you get through the day!

I hope everything went well....I know it did! I just had to share my story because it was such a cool experience and we are connected in so many ways! I love you and I know Trevor is with us all! What an awesome guy and what awesome powers he has from above:)

Thinking of you! Talk to you soon!
NJ Turnpike